Join The SSAA (Vic) Military Pistol Club

Note: You must be an active member of the Military Rifle Club for at least 6 months before you can apply to join the Military Pistol Club. To retain membership of the Military Pistol Club, you must continue to be an active member of both the SSAA and the SSAA (Vic) Military Rifle Club.

Licenced Handgun Shooters can join without the 6 months wait if their application is approved by the MRC committee and only once they have spoken to the Pistol Secretary and their competencies assessed, once approved a 6 month probation period applies and events must be shot at Eagle Park range days.

New Handgun Shooters, after completing the steps outlined below will be reviewed by the SSAA (Vic) MRC Committee and if accepted will have a 6 months probationary period for evaluation, and must attend Eagle Park range for a minimum of 10 attendances/shoots before being endorsed by the club to purchase a handgun.

In order to become a Member of the SSAA (Vic) Military Pistol Club please follow the following steps, in order.

Obtaining a handgun licence in Victoria is much more involved compared to a longarm licence. We suggest you attend a Military Pistol Club shoot at Eagle Park Range and talk to the Pistol Secretary who will outline the club requirements and arrange for you to shoot under supervision to gain experience and confidence in handling a handgun. The club can provide a handgun for you to shoot and ammunition (at a fee). You may also attend an MRC General meeting held at Springvale every 2 months where any questions can be answered.

If you are already a member of the SSAA and SSAA (Vic) Military Rifle Club then proceed to step 3.

1. Become a member of the SSAA. Application forms are available here.

2. Join the SSAA (Vic) Military Rifle Club. If you are new Rifle Club member you must wait 6 months and be an active member attending rifle events at Eagle Park range.

3. Have your fingerprints taken and obtain a National Police Certificate . These two items must be obtained before you go any further.

4. Attend a Handgun Safety Course and obtain a Handgun Safety Certificate. The Club runs these courses regularly so you will need to contact the Pistol secretary to book your place.

5. Apply for membership of the Military Pistol Club. Membership application can be done at the Handgun safety course. Pistol Club Membership application will not be accepted until you have completed the Handgun Safety Course and steps 1-3 above.

Note, the Military Pistol Club is a sub-club of the Military Rifle Club therefore active membership in both is required..

6. Apply for and obtain a Provisional General Category Handgun Licence from the Licensing Regulation Division (LRD) of Victoria Police. Please visit the LRD website and review the instructions on the back of the licence application form. The Pistol Secretary is more than willing to help and guide you through this process if anything is unclear. The LRD also details information on applying for a firearm licence. Licence applications have a mandatory 28 day waiting period from the LRD. While waiting for your licence you will be able to shoot under instruction by filling in a Notice of Receiving Instruction and arranging to use the club or a friends Handgun. A junior can only shoot 3 times under Instruction and an Adult 13 times.

7. Attend the 1st and 2nd Sunday of each month at Eagle Park and enjoy military pistol shooting. The Pistol Secretary will keep a close eye on you to ensure all safety requirements are strictly adhered to. While you hold a provisional licence (minimum of 6 months), you are not able to purchase a handgun of your own, however you can use a club handgun (or a friends). You can purchase ammunition from a firearms dealer with your provisional licence.

8. After you have completed ALL of the following, you can apply for your general category handgun licence.
– Obtained your provisional general category handgun licence and held it for at least 6 months;
– Been a member of an approved handgun target shooting club for at least 6 months the SSAA (Vic) Military Pistol Club for example !
– Completed  10 approved handgun target shooting matches.

Once you have obtained your general category handgun licence, you are able to purchase your first handgun. There are restrictions as to what handgun you are allowed to purchase during the first 6 months of your general category handgun licence. The SSAA (Vic) Pistol Secretary can guide you through the decision making process.

Do Not purchase anything until you have approval from the clubs nominated officer. 

And don’t forget, attend the 1st and / or 2nd Sunday of each month at Eagle Park range and enjoy military pistol shooting.