Welcome to the Military Rifle Club

This website has all the information you will need as either an experienced or new shooter  to participate in the exciting and challenging sport of Military Rifle competition in the great state of Victoria.

Our Club was founded in 1985 and welcomes new members

The Clubs focus is on friendly, competitive and safe shooting as well as social events where you can get together to shoot the breeze with other military firearm enthusiasts.

Have a look at some of the videos or photos on the site so you can get a feel for a typical
Military Rifle competition.

You can contact us through the Contact links you will also find background information on competitions, useful links and information on gradings and other aspects of our Club.

The MRC’s History


Click here for the Eagle Park Evacuation Plan

See the new Eagle Park Range Rules

Upcoming Events

JUNE 2019
2nd June: Specialty Shoot – ITALIAN rifles [Eagle Park]

23rd June: Working Bee, Eagle Park (NO shooting) [Eagle Park]

27th June: June Meeting. (TRASH & TREASURE) 7.30pm Start [Springvale]

JULY 2019
7th July: Specialty Shoot – SWEDISH rifles [Eagle Park]

4th Aug: Specialty Shoot – LONG TAN Falling Plate- B class rifles [Eagle Park]

11th Aug: Arthur Wynne – Long Range Rifle Championship [Eagle Park]

18th Aug: St Arnaud 1000 Yard Shoot [St Arnaud]

22nd Aug: August Monthly Meeting 8pm [Springvale]

1st Sept: Specialty Shoot – CARBINE competition [Eagle Park]

20th-21st Sept: Melbourne-Mildura shoot [Mildura]

6th Oct: Specialty Shoot – RUSSIAN rifles [Eagle Park]

TBA: Castlemaine (Interclub) MRC-VRA [Castlemaine]

TBA: El Alamein shoot (Interclub) [Lang Lang]

18th, 19th & 20th October: CSD Nationals Rifle and Pistol Championships [Northern Territory]

24th Oct: October Monthly Meeting 8pm [Springvale]

3rd Nov: Specialty Shoot-ARMISTICE DAY – WW1 Rifles [Eagle Park]

9-10th Nov: Colt Cup National Pistol Comp [Eagle Park]

28th Nov: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – 7:30pm Start [Springvale]

1st Dec: MRC CSD State Pistol Championship [Eagle Park]

8th Dec: Christmas Break up Party & TROPHY PRESENTATION [Eagle Park]